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This page contains the links to images from previous field sport events. If an image is required let me know the long number of the image(s) you need.

Field Sport Image

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Swinithwaite - 27th October 2017

Barningham & Holgate - 1st October 2016

Dedito GPT - Friday 5th; Saturday 6th ; Sunday 7th August 2016

Barningham & Holgate - 10th October 2015

Weimaraner - Dedito Grouse Pointing Trial - 1st & 2nd August 2015

East Arkengarthdale 2014 - 12th Aug 15th Aug 18/19th Aug 25/26th Aug 1st/2nd Sep 23rd Sep

Weimaraner - Dedito Grouse Pointing Trial - 2nd August 2014

East Arkengarthdale 2013 - 16/17th Aug 21/22nd Aug 27/28th Aug 2/3rd Sep 10th Sep 7/8th Oct

Arkleside (Coverdale)

East Arkengarthdale 2012 -13th/14th Aug 20th/21st Aug 27th/28th Aug 3rd/4th Sep 10th Sep 11th Sep 15th Sep 17/18th Sep 22nd Sep 29th Sep 5th/6th Oct 13th Oct 15th/16th Oct 19th Oct 26th/27th Oct 15th/16th Nov 8th Dec

East Arkengarthdale 2011 - 17th Aug 23rd / 24th Aug 1st / 2nd Sep 12th Sep 13th Sep 19th / 20th Sep 7th / 8th Oct 24th / 25th Oct 4th / 5th Nov 27th Nov

East Arkengarthdale 2010 - The Glorious Twelfth


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