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Images can be taken for all kinds of commercial photography for use on web-sites through to high quality printed publication.

All requirements are discussed and agreed before any photography is undertaken. These discussions would normally include your web designer(s) and / or printer(s) as appropriate to ensure they get the resulting images in the most suitable format for them. Valuable

Calendars can be made using images specially commissioned, your own images or selected stock images from my collection. Groups may be interested in having a calendar with participant images for each month to use as a fund raiser for themselves or for charity.

Photographs of your valuable paintings, ornaments and / or jewellery can be taken as a factual record for peace of mind and insurance purposes. This work would usually be carried out in your home (using portable studio lights) to avoid having to carry all your valuables to a studio.

If dealing with an insurance claim or planning application, a photograph "for the record" can often say a lot more than the written word. Could you benefit from this service?

High resolution scanning of slides / transparencies and other documents with images output to CD or DVD as appropriate. Copying of memory cards and burning the images onto CD can also be undertaken.

Promotional DVDs can be produced including narrative, music and photographs to get your message across.

To achieve what you need, contact me to discuss your ideas.


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