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Digital Photography

Digital cameras are everywhere from mobile phones, compacts and digital SLRs.  They come complete with many automatic or programme modes and a large number of abbreviations and terms — ISO, exposure, megapixels, ppi, dpi, snow scene, interpolation to name but a few of them.

Perhaps because of all these terms and automatic modes, many people find operation confusing and are not always happy with the photos they get - how often have you seen images with only half a child or a pet in them?

This one day, introductory course will explain all these terms and show how you can use your camera to get images you will be happy to put on the wall or send to your friends.

I run these courses, either to order for a specific group, or once a year in Barnard Castle for a general audience. Attendance is limited to 8 participants to ensure everyone gets their individual questions answered.

This course can also be tailored for specific groups or one to one sessions. Contact me to find out more details.

The date of the next course has not yet been decided - please contact me to express your interest.


Having used Photoshop for over 12 years, I now offer one to one training on the software. As the full version of Photoshop is so complex, the topics to be discussed will be agreed with participants in advance to make sure they get the knowledge they require.

A typical session would cover the following topics- PS set up; colour spaces; navigation shortcuts; file formats; RAW vs jpg; use of ACR; layers; masks; selections; tools & techniques; levels & curves; filter effects, actions, droplets - other topics can be covered by agreement. It is expected that participants would bring their own laptop with Photoshop pre-installed along with any images that they may wish to work on.

Contact me to find out more details.


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