Garden Owl Box

Tawny Owl in tree

In April 2020 I placed a Tawny Owl nest box with camera onto one of the garden trees and in February 2021, Tawny Owls started to look into the box on regular occasions. One of them, possibly the female, literally falls into the box.

The bottom of the box has been covered with an inch or so of wood chippings.

Whichever owl has gone in spends quite a bit of time scratching around as if making a nesting cavity (or else trying to get out of the bottom of the box!)

Click on the Owl to get a live view (and sound) of the nest box to see what is happening. As there is limited bandwidth, viewing is limited to 20 minutes before you have to reconnect.

Hopefully everything works but let me know of any issues.

I have been made aware that the "owl link" does not seem to want to work on the newer iPads - if this is a problem then please use this link until I can get it sorted out!

Now that the owlet has left the nest box, this stream is closing from the 23rd May. Will the owls come back next year?   See the diary below for updates.


8th April - Delighted to say that a total of four eggs were laid and the first one hatched early this morning. 

9th March - A second egg in the nest. She left the nest at midnight and returned about 04.00hrs - presumably to find some food?

7th March 2024 - Delighted to report that the Tawny Owl has laid an egg and is spending the day sitting on same!   How many more?

13th February 2024 - Am pleased to report that there has frequently been a Tawny in the box during the day over the last month or so, and on at least one occasion a pair of them. The following video shows how one, rather damp, owl pushes into the box for a few minutes before leaving again! Will there be any eggs this year? Time will tell.

16th August 2022 - A Tawny arrived at the box at 05.23hrs this morning and actually entered the box for a few minutes. It then sat on the edge of the box for almost 4 hours preening and generally observing the word around it.  Does this mean there is a chance they will nest next season?   

Unfortuantely the owls did not nest this year (2022). I only ever saw one of the birds, never the two so suspect that one of the pair has died.

3rd March 2022 - Delighted to say that the owl has checked out the box two mornings in a row and today spent an extra 5 minutes sitting nearby before departing. Hopefully they will take up residence in the next week or so. 

25th August - I cleaned out the debris from the owl box today and replaced with fresh chippings. This evening the owl - proably the female - was seen to come back and check the box out. An encouraging sign that they may use it again.

22nd May - Fed up with standing on the edge of the nestbox, the owlet launched into the air about 21.30hrs - now to see if I can find it in the garden!

9th May - Owlet being left on own in nestbox for a large part of the day. Lot's of wing flapping and expect it to start climbing in the next day or so.

7th May - Adult and chick "chattering" to each other. What a messy nest box!

5th May - Now down to one owlet and that one is looking a lot bigger! Mum happy to sit at the opening and take in what is going on in the garden whilst junior keeps calling for more food.

29th April - Still two owlets - one much bigger than the other. Eyes are now easily discernible and they are being left on their own at times now. More real feathers appearing.

23rd April - Unfortunately it looks like the youngest Owlet has disappeared. The remaining two are starting to show some feathers in place of the down.

17th April - Female has left the nest to reveal three "balls of fluff" in the nest, so all eggs have hatched okay.

15th April - Female finally left the nest to reveal two fluffy white chicks and one egg in the nest. She returned very quickly when she spotted rooks circling the nest. For some reason, the chicks were continually chirping when she was out.

4th April - Male seems quite attentive and bringing birds and frogs to the nest box, up to 3 meals a night.

29th March - Breakfast was frog at 05.20hrs followed by passerine at 06.00hrs - she should be okay for the day after all that!

26th March - Small rodent (wood mouse?) on the menu this evening!

24th March - Still brooding, will leave eggs for a couple of minutes before returning. Male feeding her once or twice an evening but cannot see what "dinner" is.

19th March - She left the nest box this evening and three eggs are visible - now for some serious brooding!

17th March - Still only one egg and female still out most of the night, presumably hunting. Male brings some food (can't identify species) to her in the nest. Update at 18.30hrs - she has left the box and there are now two eggs, so she has been busy today! Will she lay a third?

14thMarch - Back in the box at 05.50hrs and sitting quietly in the corner - looking good? She finally moved at 18.24hrs and there was a quick glimpse of at least one egg - watch this space!

13th March - Partner brings worm to empty box - where has the resident gone?

11th March - A frog was brought as a gift to the owl in the box this morning and has been left uneaten! Will they eat it later? An owl entered the box at 16.53hrs this evening and is still there as I type at 18.26hrs.

7th March - For the second day in a row, an owl has gone into the box about 18.20hrs and spent 6-7 minutes "sorting it out" before leaving. Who spotted the fly on the owl's back?

5th March - An owl spent about 8 minutes in the box last night. This morning watch a grey squirrel enter the box and promptly get evicted! As the owl arrived immediately the squirrel entered the box it must have been on guard.

3rd March - 03.45hr - Both birds at the nest box - quite vocal and was there food transfer?

24th February - 06.37hr - A lot of scratching around in the next box by one adult - making a scrape for eggs?.