My Corona Garden Project

In March 2020 the country went into "lockdown" as a consequence of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic and Barnard Castle is no exception.

To help retain what sanity I have left, I have decided to try and make a record of the "flora and fauna" that is in or travelling over the garden during this period of incarceration. Should the "lockdown" be lifted, my current resolve is to continue the project. Hopefully it will last longer than many of my "new year resolutions"! As restrictions lift, socially distant tea and coffee may be available.....

The plan is to provide a photographic record of the "flora and fauna" along with some, hopefully interesting or informative, text. If everything grows, this should be obvious from the images! If a plant quietly fades away, then my ministrations were insufficient.

Clicking on the months shown above should bring you to the relevant page - if not, please let me know!

If you have looked at this, then I hope you have enjoyed same. 

Well, it is now January 2021 and the incarceration continues although there may be light at the end of the tunnel. I certainly did not expect to be continuing this diary into another year but here goes - who knows what will turn up and be seen? If you enjoyed the images in 2020, hopefully 2021 will give you some more to look at.

Garden Videos

Here are some links to video clips from the garden. Beware, some of these may be large files until I learn how to make them smaller...

Fishing Heron

Owl Fishing - watch closely!!

Owl Fishing - Again!This could have been embarrassing for the adult as the fledgling was probably sitting in the tree watching and learning how not to catch frogs.

Owl - yet again. A quick dive but no luck this time.

Hedgehog wandering around.

Mice being fed - see the size of the hole they enter by!

Newts in the pond

Pond Cat - a cat, wearing a harness, decides it can walk over the pond weed.

Hedgehog wandering through the plants.

Tawny Owl at night - probably looking for emerging odanata? And again.

Tawny Owl inspecting potential nest box.

Anyone speak Tawny? A lot of chatter while box is inspected again - turn on sound!

Owl in Nest Box A lot of scratching around in the box.