Here are some of the unsolicited testimonials I have received for work carried out.

  • I have received those images and have forwarded them on to our editor and he is more than happy with the format. K.W. - Commercial
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for attending the Wednesday event and taking the pictures so capably. F. T. - Commercial
  • Beautifully shot and composed, thank you. Corporate PR Manager - Commercial
  • Thanks. Receipt confirmed - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Artistic Director- Photo Shoot
  • Another cracking shot, these are some of the best Black Grouse shots I have seen. S.C. - Nature
  • Thank you very much for letting me see your photographs. They are outstanding. Your patience has been very well rewarded. G.S. - Nature
  • Amazing work - breathtaking. A.M. - Exhibition
  • "Very impressed with the book". "Congratulate you on producing a truly wonderful book". "Everybody thought your book was fantastic". "A great memory kindler and superb photography - definitely a 'must have". "ITS ARRIVED!   I'm delighted.   Great photography!    Thank you". - Unsolicited comments re 80 page (30x30 cm) full colour hard bound book.
  • I had a great day, many thanks - really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.  Very pleased you did such a great handout for us to take away - it will be a valuable reference tool.  The venue and facilities were good and there was a nice atmosphere on the day too. R.S. - Photo Course
  • Today's course was brilliant. I have learned a lot. But more importantly, I have been jolted out of any complacency regarding my modest success in photography so far, into really thinking longer and harder about improving my technique and technical knowledge. N.T. - Photo Course
  • Many thanks David - I LOVE the compilation. J.M. - Event Photography
  • Many thanks, they (the collages) are spectacular! S.M. - Dickens in Teesdale.